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About Excalibur Title & Escrow, LLC

Excalibur Title & Escrow, LLC /t/a Excalibur Title LLC provides real estate settlement services in the State of Maryland.  Excalibur offers a full spectrum of real estate settlement, title, escrow, and closing services.  Our settlement pre-closing and post-closing teams can handle any variety of residential and commercial closings in any of the states in which we are licensed to conduct settlements.  We are also qualified to conduct 1031 tax deferred property exchanges utilizing our third party intermediary.  Excalibur Title is co-located with the law firm of Rupli & Fitzpatrick, P.C. and therefore we are able to offer additional document preparation services in addition to our regular settlement, escrow, and closing services.  Documents such as limited and durable powers of attorney, deeds of trust and notes, escrow and rent-back agreements, and other contracts and agreements can be prepared upon request for your settlement. 

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of service in the most expeditious and efficient manner possible.  The settlement process should be a smooth progression from the time the initial order is received to the time that the transaction closes, and the transition from pre-close to post-close should be seamless.  We endeavor to provide our lender/broker/realtor customers with prompt and courteous responses and to keep you apprised of the status of your file.  We know that our business depends on your business, and to that end we strive to make you look good to your clients.  We believe that our buyer/borrower/seller clientele should be treated with respect and that we should cater to their needs while they are in our office. 


Excalibur is a privately owned Maryland limited liability company located in Frederick, MD with a satellite office in Hagerstown, MD.  Excalibur conducts settlements both on and off-site throughout the states of Maryland.  Many of our closing agents are attorneys and we strive to offer attorney-conducted closings as much as possible, and always in response to a specific request for an attorney-conducted settlement.  All of our closing agents, including our non-attorney agents, are however, highly qualified professionals with an average of twenty years of experience conducting residential and commercial real estate settlements and closings.

Although every local, county, and state jurisdiction has a different tax structure, we track the various recording fees, recording taxes, and transfer taxes and post them on this page for your ease of reference.  Please utilize the following information as a resource for your closing and should you have questions regarding the information provided we are always available and happy to assist you.  Please note that because taxes and fees do change frequently, and are set by each jurisdiction, we do not warrant the accuracy of the information provided.  We recommend that you call us prior to preparing your GFE to verify that the information is up to date.  For your convenience our fees are also provided to assist you in preparing for settlement.  Again, we are always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our fees or the title insurance.

We can accept title orders in a number of ways by facsimile at (301)620-9358, we also have twenty four hour a day internet-based title order system.  You are able to recieve twenty four hour a day title quoting and do your title request on line through the website in preparation for settlement.  You will receive an email confirmation of the receipt and processing of your order along with any information requests that we may have to prepare for closing.